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Due to the shipping container's modular design and ease of assembly shipping container home construction is often the most viable and cost effective approach for the average owner/builder.

Shipping containers are strong, they exceed all US building codes for strength and safety.

Adapt Shipping container structures for many uses.

  • Tiny Homes
  • Pool Houses
  • Granny Flats
  • Artist's Studios
  • Hunting Cabins
  • Beach Cabanas
  • Play Houses
  • Kiosks
  • Retail
When you consider all the advantages of a shipping container home it makes good sense to explore the potential with the Container-4-Home Guide.

hoisting a shipping container into position

The details found in the Container-4-Home Guide will help assure that you are prepared to maximize your saving on every aspect of your ISBU project.

Typically, two thirds of the average new home's building costs will be allocated to site prep and actual construction.

ISBU construction can allow material and labor savings of up to 50% over traditional home construction.

positioning a shipping container

Labor & materials savings go right to the bottom line, resulting in a direct increase in the builder's or owner's equity position

If you are considering building a home you have to check out the possibilities when you build with shipping containers using the details from the Container-4-Home Guide

Recent Testimonials:

"Quite simply the best reference Guide available on building with ISBU's" "Essential reading for anyone interested in ISBU housing"

Director, Cohabitat Australia "

You did a great job!, Wow - so much info to digest, and you were right, the CAD is REALLY easy."

Monte M, Las Vegas, NV

dropping a shipping container on site


Things Included In The Container-4-Home Guide


welding container supports

Building A Shipping Container Home

The idea of re-purposing some industrial junk into a viable living space makes sense on so many levels that nearly everyone responds to the idea of a shipping container home in a positive way.

When it becomes possible to build an affordable, secure shipping container home for a fraction of the cost of traditional construction, it's no surprise that people quickly get interested.

In today's economic environment many people are getting serious about saving money, reducing maintenance, and keeping more equity in their pockets rather than committing to the typical suburban "dream home", that can so easily turn into a foreclosure nightmare.

Because of this explosion of interest, today it's not uncommon to see stories about shipping shipping container homes on the evening news, and the Internet will lead you to dozens of drawings and renderings of cargo shipping container home concepts.

But, even with all this interest, you will quickly find out that it's still virtually impossible to get any real, serious, concrete information on learning how to design and build with used shipping containers.


The Three Crucial Steps Of A Shipping Container Home Project

When it comes to any construction project, the devil is in the details and there are literally hundreds of details involved in successfully adapting shipping containers for habitation. But the steps involved in a shipping container home project are basically the same as any other construction project.

shipping container home project flow chart

The quality and success of a completed shipping container home is a direct reflection of the time and effort that went into the preliminary engineering and design steps, not just the construction itself.

image of poor shipping container home design

Poor Plan = Poor Results

As on any construction project, with a shipping container home it is vital to integrate the engineering of the structural members into the design to assure that the structure can actually be built and is indeed habitable once completed. Traditionally, three disciplines work together to make this happen.

    • The Architect handles the design
    • The Structural Engineer handles the engineering
    • The Contractor handles the actual construction

In traditional construction it falls on the Architect to co-ordinate the interactions of the three disciplines. But if you are planning to be the owner/builder of a shipping container home project the task of coordinating the design, engineering and construction will fall on you.

I'm sure you would agree with me that if you are actively considering building a shipping container home, you want to approach it from an educated perspective. Only then will you master the ability to achieve, gain the satisfaction of accomplishment, and reap the anticipated time and material savings that are only possible with a complete understanding of the ENTIRE task, adequate preparations, and the foreknowledge to anticipate problems.

The Container-4-Home Guide will provide you with the hard information you will need to design, engineer and build with used shipping containers. Stop wasting valuable time on the Internet, you need look no further, let Container-4-Home provide you all the information you need to begin your shipping container home project today!


Shipping Container Home Design

Because of their standardized construction and modular nature, shipping containers provide a flexibility that makes them almost irresistible to anyone with an eye for design.

If you have found this web site and have read this far it's obvious you see the ecological sense and simplicity of this method of building. You may even have a design of your own in mind. Wouldn't it be helpful to have an affordable way to play around with various floor plans, to be able to look at the possible layouts in three dimensions, perhaps even adding people and landscaping for perspective?

The Container-4-Home Guide provides you with the tools necessary to design structures with used shipping containers,



I included a top rated 3D CAD program with the Container-4-Home Guide so you don't have to limit yourself to just a pencil and paper to express yourself.

This 3D CAD Software allows you to:

        • Design and build in 3D
        • Design in 2D / 1 click converts to 3D
        • Show true perspective
        • Real time rendering
        • Adjust lighting and texture
        • Draw directly in 3D space
        • Edit in 3D view


3D wire view of a shipping container home design

Floor plan wire view rendered with 3D Software

Shipping Container Home Engineering

There are two pretty big hurdles involved in a shipping container home project that you won't find much, (if any) information about on the Internet. You have probably found that these aspects are usually just glossed over with a statement about how they are "beyond the scope of...".

But these two aspects, more than any others, are the cornerstones that can determine the viability of your shipping container home project.

        • Safe Engineering
        • Local Building Codes

I mention them here with the intention of putting the task of engineering and permitting a shipping container home into the proper perspective.

While you may not have (nor aspire to have) the depth of knowledge that comes with an actual structural engineering degree, it is necessary, and entirely possible, for you to acquire a good understanding of the basic engineering principles needed to engineer a shipping container structure. This knowledge will help you in several ways;

        • You will build smarter
        • You will minimize permit delays
        • You will know when an engineer IS needed

The Container-4-Home Guide's Engineering Section explains the role of the engineer in design and plan approval, and more importantly, the concepts behind calculating loads and load paths for shipping container homes is also covered in engineering section.


The Container-4-Home Guide not only provides you with information on how to engineer and design load paths, but also help you determine exactly when an engineer is or is not required, when engineers may be required by inference, as well as where and when local or state laws could govern what type of engineering is required. Vital Info!


Shipping Container Home Construction

Many examples of shipping container homes on the Internet are attempts to make them fit the mold of a traditional looking home, with a front porch, gabled roof and a stucco exterior for example. But, the information you should really be after is what makes shipping shipping container construction different from traditional construction. The advantages and disadvantages of steel construction compared with the advantages and disadvantages of traditional wood construction are just the beginning, consider plumbing within steel walls, and electrical wiring in a conductive steel box and you can start to see why this is information is so important.

The construction phase is only one portion of the complete process, but with the preparation afforded in the Engineering and Design sections you are most likely achieve the satisfaction of accomplishment that comes with completing your project on time and on budget.

That is why the Container-4-Home Guide provides the engineering and design information along with construction information, so you have adequate preparation, and the foreknowledge to anticipate problems. The makings of a trouble free project.

Let Container-4-Home share their complete step by step, fully illustrated Guide with you. It will allow you to design and build a home that is strong enough to withstand a hurricane, and yet requires almost no maintenance.


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Are you wasting your valuable time looking for useful info about shipping container home construction on the Internet?

Why not just let Container-4-Home provide you all the information you need to begin your ISBU project today?

We wrote the Container-4-Home Guide in simple layman's terms. The Guide is full of illustrations and photos to help Guide you through all the various steps of designing and building.







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